August 19


Splinterlands Will Introduce Governance Tokens To Ranked Battles

The popular crypto game Splinterlands will be introducing their governance token called SPS (Splintershards) to their Hive Blockchain game starting next season.

Each season runs about two weeks often ending in the middle of the month and end of the month. During that time thousands if not millions of battles take place between players for their chance to earn NFT cards, potions, DEC and more.

With the change coming up rewards will be shifted from DEC rewards to SPS rewards. This shift marks the next evolution of the game for rewarding players and having what is know as a “stake” in the game.

Governance tokens don’t do much at the moment in terms of voting for aspects of the game. However that looks to be coming soon this year via their roadmap. What SPS does do at the moment is earn APR earning staking more SPS and also what is known as Vouchers.

Vouchers are used for buying discounted packs, validator nodes and most likely many other aspects that continue to come to the game.

This rank rewards change is slated to happen at the end of this month/season. Get your cards ready and start battling in this awesome Crypto game.


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