August 17


Top 3 Metaverse In 2022

The metaverse continues to get a lot of attention and rightfully so. These online world economy’s hold many possibilities. In this article I’m going to go over what I feel are currently the top 5 metaverse In 2022 and how to get started in each.

These have been hand selected from my own criteria of…

  1. Ease of Use (critical for adoption and growth)
  2. How fun it is
  3. Fees (excessive fees will destroy a metaverse quickly)


Illuvium while not that popular yet has the real possibility to be one of those games that hits the mainstream. The amount of investment behind this project is MASSIVE.

Illuvium is a highly-anticipated RPG with open world adventure and should have a Pokemon-style capture system.

The sheer amount of value and investment into this platform is staggering. That gives it promise however that doesn’t mean it’s going to be an instant grand slam when it launches. My only concern with this one is that it run on Ethereum which could me huge fees.


Splinterlands flew under the radar for a long time. Developed four years ago on the Hive blockchain it has quickly become what I believe is the number one blockchain game.

Because it runs on the Hive blockchain there are zero fees for battles, transactions etc. While the game market may take a small fee that’s pretty standard but in terms of the blockchain you’ll be using powered up Hive as a resource credit thus making your transactions free.

Splinterlands offers it all. Great economy, great development team, esports, card collecting, investors roll, governance and soon land!


What would a top metaverse list be without Decentraland. One of the largest projects and most expensive projects. There’s so much invested in this thing its hard to see it ever crashing down. It loaded with Art galleries, Casinos, Gaming rooms, Hotels and Events for concerts and movies.

Decentraland is your home away from home and a real metaverse if there ever was one that continues to evolve.


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